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Cat Tree with Pompoms, Cat Tower 150 cm, Light Grey

Cat Tree with Pompoms, Cat Tower 150 cm, Light Grey

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Give Playful Cats...More games! Hide-and-seek in the cat cave, scratching with the scratching posts, a game of hit-the-pompoms, or tug-of-war with the play much fun waiting for your cats! Guess which one will be their favorite? Award Cuddly Cats...Extra softness! Does your clingy cat lie on your stomach as if it’s their bed? Offer it this cat condo that’s as warm as your hug. It’s covered with plush and the top perches are padded for extra comfort Offer Energetic Cats...Added security! Do your cats always end up knocking over the Christmas tree? That won't be the case with this stable cat tree with a reinforced base and an anti-tip kit! Provide Stressed Cats...A relaxing hammock! Anxiety is bad for your cat's health. Help it calm down with this comforting bed. After all, your cat also has the right to go on vacation! Spoil Your Cats: This cat tower is suitable for most cats! What's more, whether they're big or small, young or old, a staircase-like layout allows them to climb up and down without difficulty. Who will be first to the top?

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