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Dog Cage, Dog Crate with 2 Doors, 92.5 x 57.5 x 64 cm, Black

Dog Cage, Dog Crate with 2 Doors, 92.5 x 57.5 x 64 cm, Black

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DACHSHUND, PUG, OR CHIHUAHUA: This wire cage with 2 doors and generous lattice spacing offers small dogs and cats a safe shelter without any feeling of confinement THE CONSTRUCTION WORKS PERFECTLY: Fold up the sides of the dog crate and connect them with the respective clamps—it’s done! The cage can be folded up fast and stowed away to save space or transported by the handle PROTECTION FOR YOUR FLOOR: To protect your floor from scratches, this cage is equipped with 8 plastic floor protectors. The removable plastic tray also protects your hardwood if your dog has an accident and allows for easy cleaning SEPARATED NEATLY: The removable partition wall allows you to divide the dog cage into a feeding zone and a place for housetraining—perfect for puppies! NOT SATISFIED YET? Our animal-loving customer service always has an open ear for you. Make your pup happy with this dog cage from FEANDREA!

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