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Wall Shelf, Wall board for books

Wall Shelf, Wall board for books

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Elegance and uniqueness This is what these 2 industrial style wall shelves. Show off your personal style with these stylish shelves Space-saving: Do you want to save space on the floor Then these floating shelves are just the thing for you They do not take up any floor space and still offer additional storage space More protection, more safety: The side bars of the wall shelves protect your favourite decoration from falling off. These shelves protect what you treasure! Stability: These shelves are made of high-quality wood chip and robust steel and give your items a stable hold (shelf up to 5 kg, hanging bar up to 10 kg) Where to do with these wall shelves Wherever you need more storage space! In the kitchen for spices, in the hallway for decorative items, in the living room for picture frames, in the bedroom for books - discover more possibilities!

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